Preparing for Competition

There are many different methods to prepare for competitive events with DECA. Principles of Business Administration Events, Team Decision Making Events, and Individual Series events are the most common events run by Vermont DECA. These events consist of a role play, and a written exam. The written exams are 100 question multiple choice tests, with questions based on the event group you are competing in. Use the "Written Exam Question Breakdown" resource from DECA Inc. to gain a better understanding of the written exam break down. A great way to practice written exam questions during chapter meetings is to play a DECA Kahoot as a chapter. There are many public Kahoots with questions from DECA written exams!


Role plays in all three types of events follow the same model. Each participant will receive a standardized time (which is different for each type of event), during which the individual or team reads over the role play scenario, and brainstorms a solution. When the prep time concludes, the individual or team will then present their solution to the judges. In each role play, the competitors will be  asked to take on a character while presenting. It is important to remain in character for the entirety of your presentation. While presenting to the judges, be sure to talk about all of the performance indicators that were listed on your role play packet. The majority of the judging rubric is based on the presenters ability to accurately address the Performance Indicators while presenting their solution. A great way to be able to explain performance indicators, and increase your business vocabulary is to learn the definitions of the words. On the right, there are study resources to help practice business terminology. Another great way to prepare for competition is to practice role plays with your friends. The more natural it is for you to compete a role pay, the easier it will be during competition. 

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